The 21st century has brought with it an environment that is highly polluted and a western lifestyle that is highly complicated. Our bodies are becoming less able to deal with the stress of living under such pressures, and often react with nebulous conditions, poor immune systems, depression, emotional imbalances, insomnia, aches and pains that come and go, and with increasing food intolerance.

Developed as a result of two decades of research in the field of biofeedback we can now analyse and help balance your over-stressed body systems. It does this by testing the body’s reactions to its huge database of bio-resonance auto frequencies. If it detects imbalances or abnormal reactivity a fully qualified therapist will attempt to correct them. Once this is balanced the body’s biochemistry balances will follow on.

At Quantum Wellbeing we use a system in order to enhance general health and well-being through coaching self-awareness, revived energy and lowered stress levels. Every human being has its own electromagnetic vibrational field, and interacts constantly with subtle energy fields surrounding it in the environment. If there are any disturbances in either of these fields physical or emotional dis-ease may result.

The SCIO was invented following twenty years of research by ex NASA scientist, Professor William Nelson. Unlike other devices, this system measures not only resistance, but also voltage, capacitance, amperage, inductance and frequency of the electrical body. Its database of trivector resonant frequencies is compared with those of the clients. A trivector resonant frequency is a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance.

Our therapist can then use the results to build a picture of factors that may be affecting the client’s health, such as allergies or nutritional deficiencies, or even emotions, and advice alongside stress therapy. A wide range of therapies can be delivered to address various areas and one of the key benefits of the therapy is its ability to focus on not one, but several areas at any one session.


When booking a session, our therapist will ask you to complete a comprehensive healthcare questionnaire together with a biofeedback waiver which needs to be completed prior to the session. Then during the consultation our therapist will ascertain details of the presenting complaint, and lifestyle of the client.

Each client is fitted with ankle straps, wrist straps and headband, all of which have skin sensors attached. The device then delivers a unique signal to the client representing each of the 12,000+ substances, provoking a stress response by the client, which is measured through the skin sensors. It reflects sweat gland activity and changes in the nervous system, giving a measurable parameter of a person's internal “state”.

The automatic computer-operated test of 12000 substance frequencies takes approximately ten minutes, and requires the patient to remain still and relaxed for its duration and the practitioner to move out of the radius of its probes so as not to affect its readings.

Following the test, the client can then sit back and receive a relaxing session, whilst our therapist produces a comprehensive summary in simplified language. There will be time at the end of the 90 minute session to discuss with the client the contents of the findings, and to give the client lifestyle advice where needed.

Research shows that biofeedback, in combination with other behavioural therapies, is effective for a variety of stress disorders. Individuals and families find biofeedback an affordable, safe and easy to use tool for monitoring and managing all kinds of stress and stress related symptoms.


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